Amcom, ICOM Radio Communication Professionals

Welcome to Amcom

Amcom B.V. was established in 1977 and is since then the specialist in Icom radio communication and official distributor for the Benelux. Icom develops since 1954 amateur radio equipment. These days they manufacture high-end equipment for professional-, marine, air band- and amateur market.

Also we are the official distributor for:

  • ProEquip (accessories).
  • David Clark (professional headsets).
  • Poly-Planar (waterproof speakers).
  • Banten (antennas).
  • Aquapac (waterproof bags).

Poly Planar produces waterproof speakers and stereo equipment. With these speakers you can have the best quality sound in every situation (on your boat or under the shower). Just visit for more information.

Aquapac is the manufacturer for cases to make your equipment 100% waterproof! Portable telephone’s, handhelds, GPS, camera’s and all other kind of electronic equipment which are standard not water-resistant. By using a special patterned system your equipment stay’s protected and floats when dropped “over board”. See also

David Clark
David Clark is the most well-known headsets brand in the world. David Clark started in the forties of the last century in making flightsuits and anti G-suits for jet-fighter pilots. Also for space travel David Clark designed special suits. Since 1975 David Clark started to make headsets. These headsets are well known designed as to be ear protected, lightweight, and superior audio quality. Since than you can find these headsets on every airport (for ground use and inside of aeroplanes and helicopters), but also on water and on land. There where you need ear protection and the best quality audio you can find these headsets.