ICOM IC-M802 MF/HF Marine Transceiver

MF/HF Marine Transceiver
The latest ICOM Digital Signal Processor technology
with a compact remote head.


Professional design.
The IC-M802 has a professional design.
(2) Position exchange with external GPS receiver.
When connected to an external GPS receiver*, position information can be exchanged with other stations.
When the receiving side is connected to a PC**, position monitoring is possible.
* NMEA 0183 output and RS-232C interface are required.
** Position mapping software required. (Not supplied by Icom)

Standard 4×8 remote controller.
The IC-M802 offers an industry standard 4-inch tall ( 10,16cm) remote controller When set up with the IC-M503 VHF radio, Icom offers you a complete communication station.

Large LCD with dot matrix characters.
You can easily read the alphanumeric name of any of the 1355 ITU channels at a glance with the large LCD display. Nighttime operation is no problem with 10 levels ( plus OFF) adjustable backlit display and keypad.

Easy to use in all conditions.
The IC-M802 offers two large dails – bank and channel – for easy channel selection. Up to 16 banks of 20 (max.) each for user channels, and 17 banks for for ITU channels are available.

Built-in Digital Selective Calling (DSC).
For added safety at sea, the IC-M802 offers the latest in one-touch DSC emergency communications technology. (ITU Class E standard) The emergency button is covered by a red, spring loaded hatch to avoid accidental DSC activation.

Digital signal processor advantage.
The speech compressor, utilizing DSP, increases average talk power. Flexible filter settings provide for narrow band signals like E-mail, SITOR, FSK and other operation without an optional filter.

150W (PEP) of powerful output.
150 Watts of power offers superior worldwide communications. A one piece, die cast aluminum chassis and a large cooling fan allow continuous transmission at full output power – very important for data communication, like e-mail.

One-touch e-mail* access.
An SSB first! The IC-M802 can be set to memorize your HF e-mail access frequency, mode and bandwidth settings. At sea e-mail has never been easier. * For HF e-mail, an HF modem, PC and cables are required.

Automatic antenna tuner, AT-140.
An optional automatic antenna tuner, AT-140, easily connects to the IC-M802. When the tuner cannot tune the antenna, the IC-M802 bypasses the tuner and displays a warning indicator on the LCD.

Other features.

  • Wide band receive coverage (0.5-29.9999MHz)
  • VFO mode is available (depending on version).
  • Remote control mic allows you to select channels directly.
  • Accessory RS-232C port allows connection of modem, etc.
  • GPS input, NMEA 0183 version 2.0 or later.
  • A headphone jack in front of the controller.

The IC-M802 is for Export ONLY due to local radio regulations.