GMDSS portofoon

✔ MED ‘Wheel mark’ goedgekeurd

✔ Helder display

✔ Makkelijk te verstaan

✔ Sterk en robuust

Brochure IC-GM1600E

Meets the strict environmental

requirements for survival craft radio
The IC-GM1600E meets temperature, thermal shock, vibration
and drop resistant (from 1 m height) requirements. After
passing those environmental tests, the IC-GM1600E retains
1m depth waterproof construction as specified by IMO resolutions
A.694 (17), MSC149 (77) and related specifications.

Optional high capacity Lithium battery

BP-234, has superior low temperature
characteristics. Provides more than 8 hours operating time even at –20°C.
(Duty cycle: Tx: Rx: Stand-by = 6: 6: 48)

  • Large keypad with positive button action
  • Wide viewing angle LCD display
  • Meets MED 2014/90/EU, “Wheel mark” requirements

Other features:

  • One touch access to Channel 16 and call channel
  • Highly visible yellow colored body
  • Bright LED indicator on the top of panel







  • Batterij, BP-252
  • Lader, BC-173
  • Adapter, BC-147SE
  • Riemclip, MB-103Y
  • Antenne, FA-S61V
  • Nekkoord